^V^THE QUEEN OF DECAY^V^ (zombieslave) wrote in halloween_town,

Gris Grimly

Come join us and meet Gris Grimly!!! If your in the area he will be signing the release of his new book. Plus more items will be on sale. Don't miss this great opportunity.
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i love that store! i just bought a bunch of stuff when i was in town last week.

wish i could make it to this event.... i'll be by next week when i'm in town!

the Halloween DVD release event was awesome!
Your coming to LA next week...aaaaaawwww....just wait a few more weeks then you can make it....LOL oh well next time. He actually travels with Fangoria Horror convention and shows His film Cannibal Flesh riot which i just posted about on my journal. check it out if ya like :)
i will check it out.

sad thing is....no horror cons come to ATL. the last one i went to i had to drive to Nashville for. =[

we do have a killer Sci Fi Convention: Dragon Con...got to meet Bill Mosley there couple of years back.

do you work at Halloween Town? what a great place! i'd go broke if i worked there!
i'll probably swing by there next week while i'm out in LA.
No i don't work there. I promote for Gris Grimly for his art exhibits and book releases. Yeah if i worked at Halloween Town. If i did i would be broke i would never get a paycheck i would just put it back into the company....lol Are you DJing out here next week?
that's cool!

i wish i were dj'ing out there! i don't know anyone at any club out there. =[

xianvox is a DJ she dj's all over hollywood. www.ladead.com or www.myspace.com/maledictionsociety

well thank you very much!

i'll check into that and see if i can't get a dj gig while i'm out there sometime! maybe i'll learn a thing or 3.... =]

you rule. thanks!